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I don't know where to park. Her handwriting was so tiny it was barely legible. The less said, the better. We should be able to help you. Can you think of any better way to do this? He is a person you can go and steal horses with. I'm not sleepy anymore. Do you want to leave? Potatoes were introduced by the Dutch from Jakarta. I'm afraid I may hurt him.

You are expected to clean up your own mess yourself. I'm sure that Karl appreciates everything you do for him. That was never an issue. Unexpected results were announced. I finally understand what you're saying. Sergei is unqualified for that job. He depends on his parents for his university fees. We couldn't help weeping.

Kirsten could be planning to do that by himself. The price is up to you.

I want to see if I can do that. Do you wear glasses? Fish is normally accompanied by white wine. I rarely go to the movies. She went for a walk with him this morning. Whatever you do in life will be insignificant but it's important that you do it because no one else will. I don't want to be like all those who first ruin their health in search of money and then afterwards ruin themselves just to get it back. She enjoyed herself at the party yesterday.

Horses are dangerous animals. Catholics are against birth control. I'll just help you get started. It is time you went to bed. Turn off the radio. I've been trying to get you on the phone all afternoon. I'm sick of being called a liar. We didn't break in. She's probably just gone to visit her parents. We're all nervous.

We must leave you. Could you wake me up at eight in the morning? Shean tried to crawl under the fence. I know Corey is hiding something from me. I've come back for you. Once out of sight of the house, he began to run. There's no need to worry about me. Small enterprises are feeling the squeeze of inflation.

At least we have a roof over our heads. Support the local enonomy while getting drunk! Pratap made it very clear that he wants to go out with you. I'm afraid we don't have the time. Everybody hoped that Takeuchi wouldn't die. It's my fault this has happened. Ruin is inside us.

I'm sure it's nothing serious. He makes mistakes every time he speaks English. They were badly off in the village. In fact, he didn't go to the church. The tree fell down by itself. Even when you're old and gray, you should be able to enjoy life. Don just barely earns enough to live on. You should've stayed away from Juliane. Hey, why don't you take a break? I play in a band.

You like anyone who buys you a beer. She was crying. Suzanne drank curdled milk. Izumi definitely has a future in our company. The universe moves around your ass. I haven't eaten yet. Please help yourself to the salad. Who am I addressing?

Talk less, do more. You'll be great. I didn't know him at all. He wanted my permission to use the telephone. Please step back and keep behind the line.

Did you manage to get any sleep? He testified that the wire-tapping was carried out at the behest of his superiors. I was offended by the policeman. In reply, he didn't say even a word. How does that make sense? Maybe I shouldn't have given Arthur my old bicycle. The origins of these people is shrouded in mystery.

Janos wants to know why Beth is mad at him. Did you really expect Anthony to read it? He tried to find out what he was up against. How about we go for a drink? We have left undone what we ought to have done.

I need to take an exam in January. The Okonomiyaki was very delicious. You should be careful what you say. Jogging is out in California. I have a wonderful plan. Who are you there with? Bring them with you. Transtextuality and transsexuality sound similar but have totally different meanings. He's in desperate need of the money.